May 13, 2018

Expoloring Christianshavn in Denmark


I went to Christianshavn by going over the bridge.
If you take a look at Christianshavn more closely, it is made up of small islands.

This is Christianshavn Station

There is a Seven-Eleven in the front but can you tell?
There were around 4 different Seven-Eleven stores all round.
How amazing to see it here in Europe!

What you can see from the bridge is Nordia Bank.
It’s quite unusual to see such simple building designs here in Europe.

Next to Nordia Bank is Christian’s Church

There are plenty of boats docked next to the canal in Christianshavn

What I thought was a stationary store turned out to be a pharmacy.
I could not tell from the outside …

Houses in Christianshavn are colorful.

I even found a Japanese restaurant.

According to locals here, the more popular Japanese restaurant is called “Sakura.”
Please try it out if you ever visit Copenhagen.

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