May 13, 2018

Green Flash in Hawaii

Today I went cruising on my friend’s boat.
I was able to go surfing and snorkeling, enjoying marine activities.

I was able to see a lot of turtles.

Apparently, a lot of good things happen to you if you see a turtle in Hawaii.

I’m envious of the lifestyle here since there are lots of fun activities.

It quickly became time to see Green Flash.

There is a saying in Hawaii that those who see Green Flash will live a happy life.

What is Green Flash?

Green Flash is a phenomenon where the sunrise is hidden by the horizon, only the top of the sun is visible, which is green.

I was waiting for such a long time but the area we viewed from wasn’t so great. 
For those who are interested, please make sure to find a good spot for a view of the sunrise and sunset.
After this, I went to Tantara Hill to see the night view.

It seems like you are driving through a dark mountain road but because the streets are so narrow, there are no spaces to park your car.
If you wait too long, more cars and more people will fill up the area quickly…
Hawaii is known for their beautiful beaches but their night view is amazing as well. Please give it  a try. 

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