May 13, 2018

On the Way to a Cute Chololate Shop in Paris, France

Maison George Larnicolle

Casually strolling through Paris.

I found a weird sign. 

I really don’t understand the point of this sign.

There are plenty of unusual foreign signs.

Maybe next time, if I find enough data on these weird signs, I can make a masterpost on it.

Changing subjects, I went into a store to buy some snacks.


All the chocolates here are so cute.

The picture below shows a small kouign amann.

The outside is crispy and inside is soft and tender.

It is absolutely delicious, highly recommended. 

Maison Georges Larnicol

132 Boulevard Saint-Germain 75006 PARIS

If you ever feel like eating something sweet in the middle of your trip, I recommend this place.

It also makes a great souvenir. 

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