May 13, 2018

Recommended for Transit, Singapore’s Changi Airport

Recommended for transit, Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Changi Airport is extremely useful for transits, you are able to travel to Southeast Asia,
India, Middle East, even Europe and Oceania. It is also great for tourism and staying
within the airport.

  • 1.
    There is a luggage drop off area: If your luggage does not make it to your final
    destination or if you are making a stop at Singapore, there is a temporary luggage drop
    off area for Terminal 1, 2, and 3.

  • 2.
    Tourist attractions are close by from the airport: Main city is only 30 minutes from the airport using a taxi, the rates are also low compared to Japan. Train: Because of connecting trains, it may take longer for commuting to your destination but the rates are still lower than a taxi.

  • 3.
    Airport facility is well organized: They have massage salons and massage chairs, pool, gym, and transit hotels are also available. You can also shop at the duty-free store. 

  • 4.
    They offer tours: If you apply 1 hour prior to Changi Airport, they have 2 hour tour that will take you around the main city. To top it off, it is FREE. 
  • And the connectivity with Global WiFi is great as usual.   

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