May 27, 2018

The World’s Most Photogenic Tourist Destinations

Life is short and the world is wide. While travel being the healthiest addiction, here are some the world’s most photogenic tourist destinations that we recommend. Are you a city type? Are you an outdoorsy? We’ve got you covered.

Beautiful Moraine Lake, Alberta surrounded by snowy mountains
The spectacular turquoise water in Moraine Lake will take your breath away. To see this beautiful lake, you have to hike a little bit. The road to the lake is closed during winter time. Moraine Lake is a glacial lake locates in Banff National Park in Canada. For that the lake sits at a high elevation of 1883 meters, so it’s mostly frozen throughout the year. The best time to visit would be late June or early July when the temperature is higher and that would be the time that intense vivid blue water shines bright like a diamond. There are several hiking trails around the lake, it can take 3 to 4 hours or if you would like to do a round trip, it can take up to eight hours.

The Tomb Raider adventurous scenery at Angkor ruins, Siem Reap
Angkor ruins in Cambodia along with Great Wall in China, Taj mahal and Borobudur in India are so called the four wonders of the East. This ancient old town was covered and disguised by the jungle for almost five hundred years until Henri Mouhout, a French explorer in the 19th century first found Angkor and he wrote “It is grander than anything left to us by Greece or Rome and presents a sad contrast to the state of barbarism in which the nation is now plunged.” Today, Angkor Wat is not only a symbol of Cambodia. His magnificent architecture and rich culture attract more than ten million of travelers a year from all over the world! (Well, Chinese people contribute a lot of course.)

The Wave, Arizona for wavy kind of sand dunes
The wave is located in the very north of Arizona state, and it’s in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. There is a continuous sand dune with a wavy pattern on its surface, making the wave one of the world's leading photographic hot spots. However, even though many photographs have been circulated on the Internet, this hill has always maintained a deep sense of mystery because it is not completely open to the outside world. There are only 20 lucky people who can have a glimpse of spectacular rock every day. To get a permit, you have to apply it online on the 1st of the month, plus four months pripr to your trip. Good luck!

The perfect landmark, London Eye
It’s said to take seven years and the skills of hundreds of people from five countries to make the London Eye a reality. Being the highest paid tourist attraction in England, private capsule is extremely popular as well. Judge by most of the reviews, people are pretty satisfied with the exclusiveness despite the high price. Do you know there are over 5000 couples have proposed on the London Eye since its opening in March 2000? Regarding the visibility, as long as it’s given good weather, the view from London eye is great from all angles.

The beauty of the bustling New York City
New York City screams insane energy! We are probably all very familiar with the extreme enthusiasm for New York. Like the master builder, Robert Moses once said "Every true New Yorker believes with all his heart that when a New Yorker is tired of New York, he is tired of life." Yeah, a bit dramatic.
It is a city of dreams (despite being so smelly) after all, and several sources have ranked New York the most photographed city in the world. Hot spots for photography? Time square, the flatiron building, the Brooklyn Bridge, grand central terminal, Broadway, MOMA … … you name it.

Pure white spirit of Syeikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, also known as the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque, was built in honor of Sheikh Zayed, the first president of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the few mosques open to non-Muslims. The mosque is known for its luxury and is very grand. The exterior walls of the mosque are all constructed of white marble imported from Greece, and shells and precious stones are embedded into the marble for decorative purposes. In addition, the entire mosque has been decorated with tons of gold, and there are gorgeous crystal lamps of 800,000 US dollars each. It is said that the construction of the entire mosque costs US$5.5 billion. WOW.

Canal and waterway house of Amsterdam Netherlands
Watching Amsterdam from the river can be the best way to experience the beauty of the city, especially when night’s approaching and the moonlights start shining through.
There are three main canals in Amsterdam: the Herengracht, the Keizersgracht, and the Prinsengracht. In 1612, the canal-building-plan got approved by the government, these three canals were built around the same time and got finished under 50 years. Since then Amsterdam has had the world's most convenient and complex waterway system. Visitors can take private boats to enjoy the canal. It’s the perfect way to explore this historic city, the narrowest houses, and the Skinny Bridges.

Bamboo backdrops at the Arashiyama, Kyoto
I am sure you’ve seen pictures of this beautiful bamboo backdrops. This is the famous bamboo forest. Seeing bamboo extends straight into the sky, with a gentle breeze from time to time, doesn’t it just make you feel like you’re in a different space and everything you worry in life just disappear? This is located in Kyoto, Japan. Have you traveled to the east? Kyoto would be a great destination to start with and it won’t disappoint you for sure! Arashiyama is an important part of the sightseeing in Kyoto, famous for maple during autumn and sakura in the spring. It’s a district filled with beautiful greenery, super-zen temples and shrines, and great hiking trails.