May 27, 2018

Top Instagrammable Destinations in the World for Your Colorful Feed

Does taking cute pictures excite you and make the trip more fun? Do you wonder if you don’t snap something on the road, were you really there? Taking touristy picture is a very human way to say “I’m here.” Or here’s your case, you get annoyed when seeing Instagrammers pile up and do cringe-worthy poses and put on unrelated caption.
While some people don’t care too much about Instagram, there are people who are crazily obsessed with building their “personal brand”. It’s amazing to see how people would just love getting their photo taken at their most glorious time. And it seems like it’s not just about showing off your good time anymore, you gotta keep your feed cohesive to achieve the consistent aesthetic of the vibe that you’re going for. Even the social media queen Kim Kardashian had to delete photos and re-upload the same ones but filtered just to keep it consistent. Aren’t we all guilty for making Instagram more about staged, perfect moments?
Are you into color? While having a colorful feed is harder to maintain the consistent aesthetic, you can always throw on the same filter across your pictures or adorn all the photos with the same border to make your feed cohesive. Regardless what’s your relationship with Instagram, they say travel does the heart good, here are some gorgeous colorful destinations we recommend. It’s time to make your travel list longer.

Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre literally means “Five Lands”, and it’s famous for the dramatic coastal view that makes everyone fall in love. If you try to book hotels under “Cinque Terre”, you won’t get it done because here’s the most common mistake - Cinque Terre is not “one place”, it’s an area that comprises of these five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Coeniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. And these beautiful, ingeniously constructed fishing villages are located in the Liguria region of Italy.
To start off, you gotta know where you will be staying first. Vernazza, one of the five however is the most popular option. It’s a one-street town with a church built on the water. Cinque Terre is very famous for its walking paths, and guess what? Cars are not allowed in here, that just tells us why this beauty is preserved so well. Put on your sneakers and make sure you walk a ton to deserve the delicious Italian pasta!

Havana, Cuba
Havana oh na-na. Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na. Camila just made Cuba capital, Havana, popular than ever. What comes to your mind when you think of Havana? Cigar, rum, socialism, Hemingway, vintage car and old town? That’s hot. It’s such a rebellious, romantic, historical city. Come visit Cuba during November to April. It’s the dryer season, and for sure the most pleasant one to visit. People say don’t come here with a long list of questions. Just arrive with an open mind and prepare for a long, slow seduction. Wow.
Are you attracted to Havana’s history? Then you must come to Plaza Vieja. Plaza Vieja literally means “Old square”, while it was originally called “New Square.” It’s one of the biggest plaza in the world, as big as 72,000 square meters. It’s also where many national celebrations and big parades is held. Fiedel Castro also had many important speeches to more than one million people here. There’s also a huge Jose Marti Memorial in the plaza that’s 109 meters high. Many tourists will go into the building across the memorial, where the famous Che Guevara’s painting is, and it goes the famous quote “Hasta la Victoria Siempre” which means “Ever onward to victory”. Very inspirational, huh?

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is an enchanting seaside city with rich culture, well-known architecture and a world-class drinking and dining scene. And it is such a popular tourist destination, that more than 80 percent of the tourists come back and re-visit. Although Spanish people would tell you they don’t get the hype of Barcelona, it looks just other Spanish cities. But for us, we all fall hard for its charm. And needless to say, when it comes to being colorful and Instagram-friendly, you can’t rule out Gaudi’s inimitable work: Casa Batllo, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell… He’s so full of life and creativity, he just made the wonderful Barcelona even better.
For your vibrant Instagram photo, Park Guell is our number one choice. It’s a big park located in Gracia on the mountain. It was planned to be residential but became a flop project. The building conditions were highly restrictive, as only one-sixth of the plot could be built upon and the height and placement of the houses was ordained so that they could not block the view of the sea nor deprive neighbors of sunlight.
You’ll find the super popular lizard in Park Guell at the entrance. The entrance to the park alone will leave you astounded. Be sure to visit Park Güell once the park opens to ensure that there are less crowds to take better pictures. Many tourists decide to visit the park for sunset which on a clear day can be very attractive.

Braunschweig, Germany
Yes. These incredible buildings are in real life, not cartoons. I am sure whoever in Brunswick, Germany had reason to be amazed when they saw their home town have the wackiest building ever built - Happy Rizzi House.
Happy Rizzi House is made by American artist, James Rizzi, architect Konrad Kloster and painting collector, Olaf Jaeschke. It took them two years to finish these insane-energy buildings. Even though the building does not conform to the usual standards, it’s ecologic, trees have been planted wherever was possible and the parking lot is filled with bicycles.
Nobody actually lives here, and you may ask what the buildings are being used for. The answer is office. Imagine these crazy graphics put on a smile while people going in to work. As years passed the building became a tourist attraction and several entrepreneurs are trying to replicate the project in the center of the city.

While Paris, London, New York will always be people’s all-time-go-to, these 5 cities mentioned-above will for sure make your Instagram photos stand out. These colorful destinations are not just pretty, they have been linked to happiness and excitement because all the bright colors evoke the sun and summer time.
Travel is the healthiest addiction. Adventure awaits, have a happy, safe trip!