August 7, 2018

7 Ways to Kill Time on a Long Flight

Long flights can be painful. Why not be prepared and make the most out of it?

First thing first, get prepared before the flight. Get your healthy snacks, moisturizer and videos download ready. For steady internet to download all the movies and podcasts on your devices, make sure you book your WiFi router ahead. 

For healthy snacks on the flight: Banana (rich in potassium and fiber), nuts (great source of fiber and protein), raw bar (tasty and fills you up), kale chips (packed with antioxidants), dark chocolate (helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol). Make sure you stay hydrated during the flight as well. Most importantly, try to move and stretch your body as much as you can to avoid deep vein thrombosis.

With killing time, you can either go for entertaining yourself (like watch movies, play games), gaining knowledge (podcast, learn new language, read) or take the advantage of being alone to reflect yourself. Here are 7 ways to kill time on a long flight.

Edit Photos and Manage Posts
Since we all judge other people base on their Facebook and Instagram, why not design a little on your online profile? Although social media is usually said to be harmful to mental health, it serves its purpose when it comes to building relationships, interacting with old friends and such. By sharing what you’re interested in, your life or your expertise, you let yourself to be seen and get connected either personally or professionally.
Long flight free time is perfect for edit photos and make your Instagram feed nice and cohesive. Give more thoughts on what you put out on the internet and how to present yourself can help you get more opportunities to connect with like-minded people.

Sleep and Beautify
To fall asleep anywhere fast is a true talent. And fall asleep in the right time is very important when you’re entering a different time zone. Skipping snacks, heavy meals, caffeine and alcohol helps. If you have trouble falling asleep, you can try visualizing a relaxing scene like beaches or mountains.
Airplane dries up your skin up because the air draws moisture from wherever it can and the air at 30,000 feet is very cold and cannot hold much moisture. There are more and more people put on beauty masks when flying. You can do so if you don’t mind the occasionally stare. Essential oil and moisturizing balm are great for moisturizing the skin in this occasion as well. Blot your face if you’re an oily type because skin would produce more oil to combat the dryness.

Learn the Language
In flight is actually the perfect time for language learning. Because most likely you’re offline with no distractions. Plus, be able to speak a little bit of the local language is super amazing.
There are more in-flight language lessons available in the air now. If your airline doesn’t provide one, you can always download some “10 most frequent used sentences” on YouTube to listen to during the flight. Apps make learning languages feel like a game, BUSUU and BABBLE are our recommendations and they also provide offline version. To kill the time, practice drawing foreign characters can be fun as well. Doing children’s alphabet writing book looks less cringey than adult coloring book.

People Watching
There’s an exercise that drama students do - people observation. You put down what’s the person wearing, what’s the person doing, draw the person, guess what does the person do and what his or her personality is like. It’s great for passing time as well, especially if you’re with someone who has great imagination and sense of humor. You can make up stories about people and the possibilities are endless.
If you don’t have a good angle to watch people, watch flight attendants! Rule out American airlines, air hostess is probably the best part of long flights!

Meditate and Control Your Mind
Meditation has become more common than ever in the west. It’s highly recommended especially if you’re a nervous flyer. It calms your nerves down, and with scientific proof, your heart rate goes lower when meditating compares to sleeping. If you’re not familiar with meditate, simply focus on the present moment to start with.
Have you ever wondered “who’s thinking your thoughts?”? Mind is truly a tricky myth. Often times, when sitting through a long flight, a lot of the unnecessary voices would come up. Learn to replace your inner negative voice with conscious, structure talk is one of the most important things we need to acquire.

Talk to People
Wonderful conversations make the best part of travels. If you’re in the mood of getting social and the person who sits next to you doesn’t give you that “not interested in talking” signal, then approach away. With conversation starter, it’s okay to start simple and brief to see how it goes. Good go-to subjects are someone’s kids or pets, people love to talk about them. Find out the closest things to the person because that open up the most. It’s always a good idea to show interest, make eye contact and be a good listener.

Read and Write
Being well-read is sexy. Bring a book with you to catch up on this often ignored hobby. Long flights are perfect for writing as well. Hand-written notes and letters have become very special in this digital era. You can also utilize this time to dream a bit and make your bucket list longer. Take the advantage of being alone to reflect yourself, here are some good questions to ask yourself (and are good to fall asleep to): What would I do with my life if I knew there were no limits? How will your life be different in a year? What have been your biggest mistakes?

Long flights coming up? Hope you get to make the best out of these offline hours, weather you decide to just watch some movies and play games or you’re doing the things mentioned above. Have fun traveling!