August 7, 2018

So, what’s in Australia?

Besides Nicole Kidman, Liam Hemsworth, Kangaroos and Koalas, what’s in Australia? Here’s everything you’re wondering about this popular, beautiful southern land answered!

Are Australians the descendant of convict?
In the late 18th century, there were too many people in the prison in England, and they had to find a solution to solve it. During that time, America just became independent and the world was changing intensively. England wanted to remain having lots of power and lands, plus because of the industrial revolution, there were too many people moved to the cites and created lots of problems, thus the over population in prison.
That’s when British started to have thoughts on bringing the convicts to Australia. Back then, it would take more than eight months to travel and the journey was very brutal. Needless to say, the living environment on the boat was far from bearable, and the officers were often drunk and abusive. After the voyage, they were the first European settlers. And interestingly enough, Australia's first police force was made up of the most well-behaved convicts. But seriously, no Aussie cares for the whole thing. Here’s one fun story of when aboriginal people and the first settlers met, “Their first encounter with their new neighbors was the sight of one huge orgy on the beach.” So which party do you think was having the wild thing going on?

Must eat in Australia?
Timtam, Timtam! Besides Switzerland being famous for its chocolate, Australia makes good chocolate as well. Have you ever tried Timtam slam? Timtam slam has already made its way to have its own wiki page. According to urban dictionary, it’s the action of sucking a hot beverage hot chocolate through a tim tam cookie. And the flavor is possibly the best thing in the world.
Vegemite on toast! It’s definitely an Australian national dish. This brown paste was made from brewer's yeast and it tastes salty and bitter. It’s a must-try for existing in every Australian household!
Overall, meat is a core part of the Australian diet due to Australia’s strong agricultural economy. Seafood also plays a big part. Aussies are into healthy life style, in their local super market, it’s easy to find lots of tasty, healthy options. And there’s an increasingly trend of some specific diet like vegan or gluten-free, dairy-free. Guess what, in this nation that there are more Kangaroos than men, you can buy Kangaroo meat in the super market as well. It’s said that it tastes like beef but a bit chewier. And it is known to be a leaner and healthier alternative to beef or lamb with a 1-2 percent fat!

Which city to visit and which beach is the best?
Laid-back would be the word for Australia. Even city-life is pretty laid-back. Aussies are all about “She’ll be alright” and “No worries, mate”. And with this fantastic attitude towards life, it really makes Australia backpackers’ paradise.
If you love cities, you’ll have to check out Melbourne if it’s your first time. While Sydney is the biggest city, people seem to love Melbourne much more and just can’t get enough of it after the visit. Melbourne is considered the sporting capital of the world, as it has more top-level sport available for its citizens than anywhere else. Melbourne is also ranked the most livable and known for its rich culture. Artsy excursions, venues full of character, live music, best bars, great coffee… …, you name it.
For beautiful beaches, Whitehaven Beach is the number one! Just like its dreamy name, the beach stretches over seven kilometers and has the purest white silica sand among the world. It’s located in Whitsunday Island in Queensland. Before you go, please note to keep Whitehaven Beach pristine and untouched there are no shops, cafes and only limited toilet facilities. There are many ways to experience Whitehaven Beach, like ferries, power boats and luxury cruising yachts that depart from Airlie Beach.

Best time to visit Australia?
Aussies have Christmas in the summer, how cool is that? Opposed to what we are used to, summer is from December through February, and winter is from June through August. It will be great to skip the south’s chilly winters and the very north’s heat.
If you’re going north, the weather tends to be warm year-round. During their winter time, it’s considered the dry season, great for exploring on land or underwater. While in the summer, the temperature and humidity rise, it can get so hot that you don’t even want to move your body. And because Australia is incredibly big (it is the 6th largest country in the world), along east coast with no traffic and no stops, it will take you more than 40 hours driving top to bottom. It is as wide as the distance between London to Moscow as well. Which means, the exact type of weather you'll experience depends largely on the region.
The crowds and plane ticket fair are the things to be considered when traveling. It’s already an expensive country, and the prices get even higher in summer. Their summer vacation starts around mid-December and ends around the end of January. Domestic flights and accommodations get more expensive when the students are out.

How to sound like a local?
Blend in the culture and pick up a few words in the local language are always fun. Here’s how to speak “Australian”:
First, make your vowel sound extra-long. And skip letters at the ends of words or change it up, like “wha” instead of “what”, “dinnah” instead of “dinner”, “brekkie” instead of “breakfast”. Do you kind of get the pattern now? Make sure you make your voice sound relaxed and lazy. And here are some terms that they love to use: Mate = friend/buddy
G’day mate = Hi/Hello.
thongs = flip flops
heaps = very
It’s goin off = It’s really good.
With that, you’re going to sound like a native Aussie in no time!

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