April 16, 2018

Popular with Italians? Española Way!

Española Way

Even though it’s a very small area, it’s perfect area to stay within close proximity of restaurant, bars, bakeries, shops, and beaches near you.

I love how fashionable this area is.

Just as the name suggests, there were many people speaking Spanish here.

There were many Italian tourists speaking their language too.
Is it possibly a popular area for Italians??

This picture is even made into a postcard ↓

Hosteria Romana

Fairly large restaurant with inside and outside seating.
The food is tasty and wine was satisfying.


Cuban restaurant
They are open early in the morning and there’s an ATM, very convenient.

Inside the restaurant has a good atmosphere.
Night time is amazing too!

There were many trendy shops with amazing inside and outside views.
You won’t be able to see this kind of shopping district in Japan.

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