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The Single Best Travel Destination for Each Continent

Have you always wanted to travel the whole wide world? But it seems too overwhelming to realize? How about one destination for each continent at a time? Divide this big dream into bite-sized pieces and make it come true.

Asia - Bangkok, Thailand

With Asia, there are too many awesome places to visit but if we have to pick one place, Bangkok would be the one! This oriental city is so well praised and it has both very rich traditional and modern sides to offer. Thailand is a Buddhism country; Thai people are known for being friendly and smiley. But just like every touristy city, there are a lot of scammy things happening. Be sure to acknowledge the standard price to avoid being scammed and fully enjoy the super cheap awesome massages, cocktails and five-star-quality Thai cuisine. 

If you have enough time, we recommend Phi-phi island for its transparent water, white beaches and boats. This is where the Hollywood movie “The Beach” was filmed. To get there, you can take domestic plane from Ba…