May 13, 2018

Exploring Moscow Subway

Moscow Subway

Moscow Subway is very famous and often photographed in guidebooks.
Moscow is world’s most congested city.
Commuting on train is better than taxi or bus.

Super long and fast escalator!
Perhaps as long as Europe.
It is moving faster than Japan’s escalators but its quite scary because you cannot see below. 3 minutes has already passed.
Because of the speed, some people were falling down.

It’s really an underground palace.

This station as well…

This station has a statue.

A statue will be waiting for you as you walk off the train.

Ticket booth is also gorgeous.

Another station… Totally different design.

Lightning and Chandeliers are different depending on stations.

You will see many police officers at stations.

It would be fun to commute on this kind of train everyday.

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