November 9, 2018

All Your Questions about Yorkshire Answered

Yorkshire, or county of York, is the largest county in the UK. There are four parts of it, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. Because of its size, Yorkshire got diversity! There are bustling cities like Leeds and the stunning countryside landscape. Yorkshire is also considered to be one of the greenest! Looking for great cities, stunning scenery, friendly people, good food or history and rich culture? Yorkshire has them all, and that’s why it’s called “God’s Own County”.

A brief history of Yorkshire, maybe?
In 7,000 BC Yorkshire was covered in thick forest. the written history of Yorkshire begins about 71 A.D when the Romans arrived. The Vikings once captured York and founded their own kingdom for a bit around the 8th or 9th century. In the early 14th century Yorkshire also suffered in a long war with the Scots. The wool industry in Yorkshire flourished in the 18th century. In the 19th century, the textile, steel and coal industries boomed. In the 1950s many West Indian and Asian immigrants came to Yorkshire. And now Yorkshire is pretty vibrant and multicultural.

Number one must-see natural beauty?
Malham Cove! Harry Potter has a couple of scenes shot here as well! It’s in Yorkshire Dales National Park. The landform is what makes it so interesting looking. Whoever had gone there all had great things to say about Malham Cove. You can get there by driving, the walking path is said to be pretty flat, suitable for everyone. Other must-sees in Yorkshire Dales National Park are Gordale Scar and Janet's Foss. People swim at Janet’s Foss when it’s not dry out. Go for a great climb then go swimming and enjoy the walk with stunning views are truly heavenly.

Can you bring dogs to Yorkshire Sculpture Park?
Yorkshire Sculpture Park, this world’s leading open-air gallery will make you feel all arty and good about yourself. Perfect for an Instagram post to show off how cultured you are with your vacation choice. Not only does this park hold over 80 sculptures throughout the 500-acre parkland, indoor exhibitions feature world-class artists are free for everyone as well. Now back to the question, can you bring dogs? Yes, but make sure they have leads on. Actually, the most important thing to bring is your lunch! Cafeteria and the parking fee are the two things people can’t get over the fact how expensive they are.

Beach in Yorkshire?
Yorkshire is said to have it all. Yorkshire gets lots of tourists each year and it’s said to have everything for everyone in your ideal perfect holiday. While the water can be freezing, relax at the beach is always a good idea whether it’s warm, sunny or not. Scarborough beach in Yorkshire is highly recommended. It’s very well-kept and the streets and stores there are just lovely. Scarborough’s beach resorts there are considered to be UK’s best. Donkey ride, building sand castles, and boat ride? Scarborough is perfect for a family day.

What’s in Hebden Bridge?
Only 30 minutes of a train ride from Manchester, it is this quaint, unique, cute little town. In the 1970s, lots of Hippies moved to Hebden Bridge with dreams of building and living their very own best lives. A lot of the squatters have creative skills like writing, painting or making music. It’s not surprising that with its independent spirits, Hebden Bridge holds lots of lesbian people and vegetarians. These people found acceptance and sense of belonging here and call it home. With the cute old houses, independent shops, bars and cafés, Hebden Bridge is definitely one special place.

What to expect with Leeds?
Talking about the heart of Yorkshire. Leeds is a pretty compact city with around 780k people living. Lots of people came to Leeds to study and decided to stay. If you google Leeds, then you can find the most asked questions are all about the uni. Leeds is a city with a rich historical background and it has quite a population of ethnic minorities since the 1950s. You can find dishes from every corner of the globe in this bustling city. People who live in Leeds are also very proud of how rich their culture is. The music and the theatre scenes are very vibrant here. If you are visiting Leeds around late August, make sure you don’t miss out the Reading and Leeds Festivals! Also, Leeds Carnival, Light Night and Leeds International Film Festival are pretty huge as well.

Can we talk about the food in Yorkshire?
First thing first, Yorkshire pudding! Sound like a dessert but it’s a versatile side dish that’s usually served with beef and gravy. Speaking of sweets, Yorkshire Parkin is popular as well. It’s pretty much a gingerbread cake that’s made with oatmeal and black treacle with some nutmeg. Winter comfort food it is. No vacation is complete without great food and great drinks. Brewed ginger beer is from Yorkshire as well! This refreshing deliciousness was first made in the mid-1700s. And now there non-alcoholic as an option so kids can enjoy it as well.

Most reachable instagrammable places in Yorkshire?
We all know if you don’t post a perfect picture of you vacationing, the trip doesn’t really exist. Kirkstall Abbey will be the number one pick. Kirkstall Abbey is a ruined Cistercian abbey dating back to AD 1152. It’s a couple of miles from central Leeds, West Yorkshire. Take some pictures in Kirkgate Market with the colorful backdrop of street arts as well, it’s 20 minutes of driving from Kirkstall Abbey. If you’re not fond of the old ruins, we recommend Shambles (or the Shambles). It’s in the city center of York, North Yorkshire. The Shambles take you back to Medieval times, it was once the street of the Butcher Shops. Being probably the most well-preserved medieval street in the UK, today the Shambles is Europe's most visited street, attracting tourist from all over the world.