December 10, 2018

List these Places in the UK on Your Travel List for 2019!

Not to state the obvious, but British accent has always made the UK the hottest country to visit. Needless to say, Harry Potter lovers and die-hard fan of the British Royal family contribute tons to UK’s tourist scenes as well! Even Hello Kitty’s cartoon has the setting in London because young Japanese girls fantasize the British lifestyle. Joke asides, let’s seize the chance to visit the UK when pounds are not as crazy expensive (since 2016 they left EU).
You want your vacation to be cultural, and feel that posh, history vibe? London, Oxford and Edinburgh will be your jam. Want to get away your hectic busy life and enjoy slow pace in the country or just chill with some beautiful scenery? UK definitely won’t let you down!

This massively popular city has incredible diversity and it holds millions people’s dream. People from all over the world desire to come to London to work, study, do business and live, so it’s great to connect. London has the best theatre scene, best museums with free entrance fee as well as the best collection and on the weekends, there are always a million things to do, concerts, festivals, markets… .... The street and parks themselves look like photo backdrops. It’s a true dreamy place if you don’t have to consider the price!

The covered market, the high street, the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford castle… … People from London love a good one-day trip to Oxford. First time here? Take a walking tour and explore Oxford by foot.! There are a lot of free walking tours available to sign up online. Tip the guide whatever amount you like. One must check out spot in Oxford is the top of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. For the entry fee of £4, you get a breathtaking view from high up to see the very center of Oxford. Wonder how the most privileged kids look like and how is the top university campus in the whole universe different from ours? Make sure you avoid their exam season to visit.


Cot = a small house; wold = hill
Cotswold, literally "sheep enclosure in rolling hillsides". The Cotswolds are a range of hills in southwestern and west-central England. The Cotswolds are fringed by Worcester, Birmingham, Banbury, Gloucester/Cheltenham, Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Swindon. It contains lots of stone-built villages, perfect getaway for people who live in the city. And the number one must-visit in the Cotswolds is Cogges Manor Farm, home to TV series Downton Abbey's Yew Tree Farm. It’s perfect to bring your family or even your dog, there are a living history museum and farm animals to feed.

Bath is truly a unique historic city, it’s famous for the remained Roman period baths and Medieval heritage. Even people with the slightest interest in history will be stunned by the Roman Baths. It’s huge there and very organized, so at least allow 2 hours of visit. Besides the Roman Bath, there are other different sections and can be hired for private use! Imagine having your wedding at the Roman Bath Pump Room!
When in Bath, soak in that rich history vibe by treating yourself to stay in some grand Georgian guesthouses. (Side note, Georgian architecture is the name given in most English-speaking countries to the set of architectural styles current between 1714 and 1830.) Looking for things to do for free in Bath? The Georgian marvel of the Royal Crescent and the Circus are free of charge, rent a WiFi router to make sure you have smooth internet to post!

Brighton is a coastal city on the English Channel in the very south of England. It’s only an hour of a train ride from London. You get your typical seaside-things-to-do like taking walks at the beautiful marina and piers. You also get the characteristic “lanes” with plenty idiosyncratic small shops. Have we mentioned Brighton is big for their proud LGBT community? That’s another exciting reason why Brighton is so special and it should be on your travel list in 2019. Go get loose at gay bars (particularly in Kemp Town) and post your highlight using #gaypride #rainbow #loveislove #beyou #bornthisway to get more likes and attention!! Yas, sister!

Holt, Norfolk
It’s a cute, vintage town that sits in Norfolk County. Norfolk county is full of Second World War airfields. Langham Dome itself as a small museum is the number one landmark contributing to WW2 and Royal Air Force history. Holt is not very well connected, and that’s what makes it. There are lots of shops are independently owned and people here have a strong sense of community. Holt is one of the best-preserved Georgian towns in England. Just to please your inner retrophiliac even more, you can even hop on a steam train that runs between Sheringham and Holt!

The leading capital of performing arts! Theatre goers from all over the world fly to Edinburgh to see the Edinburgh Art Festival and Edinburgh festival fringe. Fun fact: The Fringe began in 1947 when eight theatre groups turned up uninvited during the official Edinburgh International Festival. With all the arts and cultural festivals going on, August is the most popular time to go.
Well, also being the capital of Scotland, of course there are marvelous historic architectures to see. Like castles, churches, cathedrals, monuments and statues to see.

Lundy Island, Devon
No cars, no phones, come to Lundy island as a remedy to your stressed urban life!
It lies off the coast of North Devon. Two hours of boat ride from either Bideford or Ilfracombe. This island is run by a UK charity organization, all profit goes to upkeep the island! How cool is that!? It’s famous for rare birds and other wildlife. One more interesting fact on Lundy, there are no TVs, telephones and the island generates its own electricity and collects its own water.