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Everything You Want to Know about Quebec

Quebec, the huge province situated in eastern Canada. It’s truly a unique place with a European twist. The biggest city is Montreal, while Quebec City is the capital. We already know they speak French there, and having the largest stand-up comedy festival in the world seems pretty cool, but what’s more and what to expect when traveling to Quebec?

A brief historical background, please?
Track back to 1608, when a French explorer founded Quebec. The word “Kebec” is an Algonquin word meaning Where the River Narrows. It was called the new France (La nouvelle France) back then and that’s how the French colony was established. In 1759, English had done fighting French and took over Quebec. During the 19th century, Quebec had become an urban, industrialized society. The Catholic Church was the big influence for their culture, development and education since day one. Up till today, three quarters of the people still identify themselves as Catholic!

What is it like living there?
People can’t seem t…