May 13, 2018

Club Casino in Macau

Hotel lobby is luxurious, as expected from Macau. 

Found a huge gym stone.

I feel like it would get stolen. 

Anyways, I started off by eating Hot Pot. 

I went to shop at the Duty Free Shop DFS Galleria next to Venetian Macau.

After a tiring shopping spree, I took at break at Moe’s Champagne Bar. 

I went to the Casino but they did not allow pictures.
So I took outside pictures instead.

I went to eat after getting hungry.

Macau is known for their Portuguese food.
(Macau used to be part of Portugal) 

Both Portugal food and wine were delicious.

I went to the club afterwards.

I really liked how the club felt more like a lounge.

There’s even gambling at club, as expected from Macau. 

Macau’s casinos are legal so you are free to walk in and out of a game. Most hotels
have a casino by the entrance way but they usually don’t allow pictures.

However, I will definitely be back to Macau again.

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