May 13, 2018

Useful Items on your Trips

Useful items on your trips


During your travels, you have many electronics such as digital camera, curling iron, cell
phone and hair dryer.

When you are staying in a room with your friend, the amount of devices doubles, where
having a multiplug comes in handy. 

Made in Japan sunscreen 

If you are traveling to a sunny country, a sunscreen is a must.

Many countries carry their own sunscreen brands with SPF 100 but Japan sunscreen
works the best.

Even if it says “waterproof,” the sunscreen is melted away the minute I jump into the water.

One time, I spent 1 month in Hawaii with no sunscreen, and my skin became extremely swollen. 

Family registry

If you lose your passport while traveling, family registry or driver's license can be helpful
in showing proof of your citizenship in Japan.

In most cases, Japan will fax the documentation to Japanese embassy or yourself, but
you cannot leave until you receive your paperwork. You can leave earliest 2 hours after
your receive the paperwork (though this will depend on each country). 

My passport has been stolen many times so I always carry my family registry or license every time.
Family registry must be renewed every 6 months. 
It is also advised for you to carry your passport and family registry separately, though in countries such as Russia, even though the security is not very good, all foreigners are required to carry their passport at all times.

For people who do not have a Japanese driver’s license, people who travel overseas often, if you have no time to extend your vacation days or you live alone and you do not know anyone who could go get your family registry for you, it is always smart to carry your documentation with you prior.

Please use my information as an example for those who are traveling long term. 

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